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Happy 25th to INCIID

Challenge: The photo below of twins is just one example of what INCIID's outreach in the form of information and our National IVF Scholarship provides to consumers.
On March 17th, 1995, INCIID received its 501 C 3 and incorporation as a charity. On March 17, 2020, INCIID celebrates 25 years of supporting families. INCIID was the first infertility site on the World Wide Web. In order to continue to help and support our mission to help the more than 6 million affected by infertility and multiple pregnancy loss, INCIID needs an updated web platform.

Recently the technical person who donated so much of his time and gave so much of himself retired with some health issues. INCIID continues to provide help to consumers as an all-volunteer organization. Donations go right back into the maintenance of the charity. We need updated technical support and have volunteers lined up to help us move INCIID's thousands of articles, install updated software to a new platform and design an easier access and accessibility compliant venue. But to do this will need to raise a minimum of $12,000 dollars.

We need 480 people to donate $25 dollars by March 17th so we can enact the Fertility Project. 


Building a new Website with an updated Drupal platform will enable INCIID to reach more people securely and allow more interaction and support to consumers. It will allow us to continue to securely take donations, and launch a regular newsletter to consumers who not only need information but also support. It will allow us to man our immediate chat mechanism and launch a new interactive and support network that is secure and private.

Long-Term Impact

Longterm this project will allow us to expand our base and continue the work we do for consumers. It will allow us to expand funding through professional memberships thus allowing us to provide more scholarships to consumers and ultimately help those who want to build their family through treatment or adoption. The Infertility Project will arm consumers with the information and support they need and that we launched 25 years ago.

Send INCIID a Birthday Present today. We need 480 people to donate $25 dollars each by the end of March. Please donate today

We need 480 people to send INCIID  a $25 Birthday Present  Happy 25th Birthday, INCIID.

INCIID needs a number of crucial updates to our website. Our fundraising goal is $12,000.
INCIID is a charity. We were the FIRST to launch a website dedicated to infertility on March 17, 1995.  INCIID was also the first to provide professionals to interact and answer questions online for consumers. 
We've been supporting the community for 25 years but now we need your help! 

We only need 480 people, consumers, industry professionals, interested parties or family members to send us just $25 dollars by our March 17th birthday.

We have a plan in the works but we need to fund it in order to continue our IVF Scholarship and mission to educate and support the infertility community. 
Read more about The Infertility Project here.
I hope you will consider helping us by donating. Please send us a Happy Birthday note and let us know how you're doing.

For more information call us at 703-379-9178 or email us.


An Open Year-End Letter 2015

Down Syndrome girl holding the arms of her parents
Infant twins
infant twins

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

As the year winds down, we want to thank you for being supportive of INCIID. We try not to ask for support too many times because as fertility patients or parents of children with special needs, we know you are financially strapped. But the year’s end, is a good time to make a tax deductible gift. Your support is very important to INCIID, its programs and to the population. We are here 24/7 helping couples and special needs families so we hope you will donate to help them too. INCIID is an all-volunteer organization. This past year . . .

Infant twins After the successful launch of our new site and INCIID’s 21st birthday year we’ve started to work toward providing more scholarships for infertile couples annually. A great deal of time and effort goes into finding RE’s to donate their valuable time and services. The effort is well worth it when we see how much it means to these couples. Kimberly and Patrick received a scholarship last year about this time. Their twins arrived a bit early at 32 weeks. Kimberly and Patrick are a Navy couple who lost all their possessions in Katrina ten years ago. They rebuilt their lives only to find out they couldn’t conceive and the Navy didn’t provide IVF. They did their cycle in LA. Thanks to your support INCIID was able to find an opportunity to make their babies a reality.

This year must be a year for twins. INCIID was able to also provide Julia and Dustin an IVF Scholarship through a MO clinic. Their first child, a little boy was born by C-Section but sadly they lost him to a congenital diaphragmatic hernia after quite an ordeal to try and save him. This March Julia let me know after their successful cycle, that Colton and Cooper arrived safely; a big relief to all.infant twins

Sadly the news is not always of a full term pregnancy. A couple from Napa CA (Lindsey and Damian) worked with INCIID. Their story, like so many others, is compelling. INCIID worked with them over the past two years thanks to a determined doctor in Washington State. Damian has Cystic Fibrosis and is a modern day miracle and Julia counsels at risk teens. As, Julia said, “He [their doctor] is so incredible and went above and beyond for us. We are thankful for all your help and thank you for checking in with us and our journey!” Another couple from PA was given a cycle carried out by a dedicated doctor in NJ. Sam and Nate did get pregnant but sadly lost the pregnancy at around 12 weeks.

Recently we placed Ashley and Greg (from IL) with a generous doctor in Texas. I just received an email from a very pregnant Ashley letting us know that she is now past her first trimester. This couple never thought they would be able to conceive. We are keeping my fingers crossed for Ashley and Greg.

Right now I have several applications to process and get to our committee and two in the pipeline that have recently been approved. Maggie’s husband Jason has a cardiac condition and Maggie has PCOS. We also recently approved another military couple who asked for our help. There are several more applications in the pipeline with our “Heart Committee”.  We really need your support to continue doing this work. Please help us help couples. Every penny goes toward supporting the charitable work INCIID does.


Addition of Special Needs Advocacy Work by INCIID

Down Syndrome girl holding the arms of her parents Many of our INCIID members through the years have successfully built their families through treatment and adoption. Some babies are born early, born with a disabling condition or are internationally adopted. These are scenarios that often result in child having some special needs. 

To help meet this very real need, last January INCIID added a special needs section to our website. For some years INCIID had a closed forum for parents of special needs children but now we have a section on providing advocacy for a Free Appropriate Public Education for these children.  We also launched a 24 part special education series with the help of a well-known national advocate (Brice Palmer). Each month we provide two in-depth articles about special education followed by webinar to teach parents how to advocate for their special needs child. All free to families.

We also resumed INCIID Webinar presentations for patients as well as parents of children with special needs.  If 20 of you give just $55, INCIID can fund the annual software for both the Newsletter and the Webinars that read tens of thousands of individuals and families.


Your generosity can provide support for struggling families or families to be. The couples we help with our IVF scholarship program (like our military couples and those who have lost children) do not have access to treatment due to lack of insurance and strong financial need putting treatment out of their reach. Your donations help us run the scholarship program and continue our mission to get information to patients on a daily basis. We are an all-volunteer organization.

If you can give a gift of family in any amount click here if not please send us a note of support.  

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year.


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