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Kanke and Moses
We long each day for the privilege to be called parents, help us experience the joy of having kids.

First National IVF Scholarship Program -

INCIID has launched the first national program for IVF scholarships. It has collected more than $1.3 million in donated services for those with both medical and financial need but without insurance to cover the procedure.

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Apply for the Heart Program

From INCIID the Heart is a new program established in late April of 2004. It is an "on going" annual program designed to assist infertile couples who are trying to build a family.

The costs associated with in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other medical treatments for infertility, the fact most insurance companies do not provide coverage for many types of fertility treatments, and the cost of alternatives such as adoption, leaves many suffering from infertility with little hope for realizing their dreams of family. INCIID has collected more than $1.3 Million in donated IVF services and we intend to KEEP collecting services and then give them away to consumers with medical and financial need for IVF. Please read the criteria and the FAQ BEFORE you apply.

The scholarship process is fairly complex so we suggest you register in the community at the FREE membership level BEFORE beginning the process. Come in and get to know the community, then decide whether the scholarship process is something you would like to pursue.


News FLASH --- First IVF Scholarship baby was born October 31, 2005 at 7:30 AM CT




Heart Scholarship Fund Raising Requirement

Beyond building a family,  INCIID has two goals for program recipients:

1.  Every participant should be an ambassador and promoter of this important program and

2.  Every recipient should be 100% supportive of INCIID's mission becoming both an advocate and a partner in helping to raise infertility awareness. Recipients should give compassionate support to others who find themselves in the same circumstances. 


The From INCIID the Heart Scholarship program has been a wonderful and successful vehicle to parenthood for a number of recipients.  For the program to continue to grow and flourish, it needs to go beyond a charitable handout. INCIID continues to be a consumer-oriented grassroots organization remaining independent of big business and 100% behind the consumer. The INCIID IVF scholarship is self-sustaining within the infertile community.

Recipients who are selected by the stand-alone Heart Committee have a fundraising commitment/requirement to INCIID. Each recipient will gain points for dollars raised. The minimum number of points before we begin the matching process is $4200.  The amount has not been raised for the past 16 years. Over the past year (2020) INCIID has received very little support. In order to keep the program going, we are asking recipients to raise $300 more than we previously required. There is no Quid pro quo (From the Latin meaning "something for something") indicating a more-or-less equal exchange or substitution of goods or services. It is illegal for any 501 c 3 (nonprofit) organization to say, "You do this and we will give you that". This is not the purpose of the fundraising and it is not the goal of the organization.  The money raised does not come from the scholarship recipient but instead is raised (with INCIID's help) by the scholarship recipients for INCIID, a charity. These individuals who become partners with INCIID help raise both educational infertility awareness as well as funds supporting the INCIID scholarship and the programs and services INCIID provides to consumers. If anyone does not fully support and wants to help INCIID raise funds and awareness, then this scholarship is not for you.

Just as those who seek treatment, are partners in their care, INCIID believes those who need our help will become partners in the mission. Through active fundraising for INCIID, these scholarship recipients invest some of themselves in the organization while promoting a cause that is passionate to each and every one of them. They will help others and as a result, help themselves at the same time. The result will be a program branching out like a tree with friends, family/relatives, and others raising awareness for services and programs we offer while giving us a wider audience to tell some of the incredible INCIID stories.

This requirement is NOT a subsidy or payment or guarantee of a cycle but only meeting a commitment to help INCIID a nonprofit and charity help the infertility community by supporting others trying to build their families. 
IVF cycles are expensive. They are not free. This program costs money to administer and run. INCIID as the agency matching the recipient with the donated cycles, spends time, effort, and many hours getting this accomplished for patients.  Remember the money doesn't come out of a recipient’s pocket. Instead by creating a fundraising requirement, together we form a working relationship - a partnership helping each other. We get the word out about INCIID, its programs, and how they are working with people to help them build a family.  Just like Habitat For Humanity's "work requirement", INCIID has created a fundraising work requirement in order to help the Heart Program become self-supporting.

If the "From INCIID the Heart" IVF Scholarship Program is to continue, we need help raising funds and awareness. If you need help with IVF, believe in the INCIID Mission and are willing to pitch in to fundraise, than this may be the right program for you.




Success Stories from the Heart

Guidelines and Terms of Service for Use 
Terms of service and guidelines for use of the INCIID website, services, programs etc.

From INCIID the Heart: Video of the first baby born through our IVF scholarship program
On Monday October 31, 2005, the first "From INCIID the Heart" baby was born to the first couple to get pregnant from this scholarship. This video clip is dedicated to all who struggle with infertility and pregnancy loss. Warning: this is both video and audio. You'll Windows Media Player and a box of tissues to view it.

Cheryl and Brandon: Stories from the Heart
Heartbreak is not stranger for Brandon and Cheryl. "We had always dreamed of IVF but knew it was completely out of our reach." Today Cheryl and Brandon are expecting a "Heart Baby".




Cheryl and Brandon: Stories from the Heart

Congratulations to Cheryl and Brandon on the birth of their "Heart Baby" daughter Madison.

Madison made her entrance on December 28, 2005.
She was the fourth baby born in the first active year of the From INCIID the Heart Program.
Others are scheduled in 2006.

INCIID has provided 45 cycles of IVF to those suffering with Infertility and pregnancy loss and hopes to double that number in 2006.



An update message from Cheryl today: August 5, 2005

Things are going great! I am 18 weeks today and so far everything seems to be moving along great. I LOVE my Baby Beat and use it daily and the little heartbeat is stronger than ever. That has been my lifesaver since that is how our losses have been verified before, by a loss of heartbeat. My OB does not do the Level II sono until 22 weeks but he is doing one for me, for a sneak peak, next Tuesday the 9th and we HOPE just maybe we can see what we are having!!!!

An ultrasound of Cheryl and Brandon's little one.



Heather Bruce Thiermann Online Angel Award

Heather Bruce Thiermann Online Angel Award

By Linda F. Davey


It's nearly impossible to open a newspaper or watch an evening news broadcast without hearing something about the Internet. All too often, accompanying words like "smut," "pornography," "pedophiles" and "scams" perpetuate the myth that nothing but danger lurks in Cyberspace. It's refreshing, then, when a story illustrating the very best the Internet has to offer is broadcast for all to see. Such is the story of Heather Bruce Thiermann.

Heather's story is a triumphant example of how going on-line can not only change lives, but enhance them. Her story shows that friendships made via computers can be as rewarding as any, even if participants never meet face-to-face. But most of all, it demonstrates how experiences in Cyberspace can be exhilarating and sorrowful, and just as in "real life," love, support, encouragement and shoulders to lean on can be found.

Heather was a popular participant on the Infertility Bulletin Board on America Online (AOL). She and her husband, Steven Dempsey, were in the IVF program at The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center in New York City. Heather struggled with massive uterine fibroids that prevented her from conceiving, but she was positive and hopeful despite eight years of infertility. After five surgeries, she finally became pregnant following her second in vitro fertilization attempt.

At this time, Heather moved on to the "Pregnant After Infertility" bulletin board on AOL, a subject created by INCIID cofounder, Nancy Hemenway. She shared all the fear and excitement of finally being pregnant with others on the board. As time neared for her planned C-section (previous surgeries made this necessary), her posts on the bulletin board became increasingly excited, and nervous. Then, just hours before the long-awaited time on January 8, Heather's C-section was canceled because of intense snow storms on the East Coast. Her doctor couldn't get to the hospital.

Two days later, on Wednesday, January 10, Heather and Steven became the proud parents of a beautiful and healthy baby girl they named Tara. Steven said he had never seen such a beautiful look of complete happiness in those brief moments when Heather laid eyes on the fruit of her labor. Heather saw Steven holding Tara, then she fell into a coma. She never regained consciousness, and thirteen days later, Heather died.

This terrible loss has been retold throughout Cyberspace and people on all the on-line services and the Internet have reacted with shock and sorrow. Heather's family and her husband have been inundated with e-mails expressing sympathy. You didn't have to know Heather to love her for all that she did to support others on-line.

Many on-line have come together to support the family and show their love and appreciation for Heather. The founders of INCIID established an annual award to recognize the contributions of an individual or group whose participation on-line has served to support, encourage and educate others about infertility. It is named the "Heather Bruce Thiermann Online Angel Award," and the first recipient, posthumously honored, is the special woman for whom it is named. We are so honored to be entrusted with carrying on a part of Heather's spirit.

In addition to naming the INCIID Online Angel award for Heather, more than 60 on-line friends are making a patchwork quilt for baby Tara. A memorial fund in Heather's name has been established at Cornell MedicalCenter with the funds earmarked for infertility research. A separate fund has been established for Steven and Tara. One AOL participant called for volunteers who live in theNew York area to join a group called "The Aunties," whose members will help take care of Tara, run errands, and generally help Steven when possible.

At INCIID, we have come to know and love Steven. We are amazed at the strength and grace with which he has managed the terrible hand fate has dealt him. We very much enjoyed meeting him face-to-face at the INCIID conference this past March [1996], at which he accepted the first "Heather Bruce Thiermann Online Angel Award."

At INCIID, we continue our quest to educate people about infertility. Heather worked very hard to educate others, especially about their options regarding IVF vs. hysterectomy. Heather was part of a very special on-line family, and she is missed by everyone.

Please contact INCIID if you are interested in serving on or organizing a committee for the Annual INCIID Online Angel Award


Ways to Support INCIID

Ways you can contribute to INCIID


• Donate online (  with an electronic Check , Through Paypal or by a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Credit Cards
• Fax your contribution to (703) 379-1593 
• Call in your contribution (703) 379-9178

When you donate, be sure to check with your employer benefits department to see if your employer has a Matching Program. This means your tax deductible donation to INCIID is matched dollar to dollar by your employer and sent to INCIID.



Other Ways to Help Supplement INCIID


Food Lion Shop & Share Program
If you shop for groceries at Food Lion, you can register your MVP card in the Shop and Share Program at or by calling 1-704-633-8250 extension 3810. 
Choose INCIID as your charity of choice, and a percentage of all Food Lion purchases you make will come back to INCIID, as long as you use you registered MVP card each time you shop.


Give through the United Way

INCIID gets many United Way contributions throughout the year through a write in process. Check with your employer to see if your company will allow you to write in a designee for your contribution, you can write us in as follows:

(Full Name is --- The InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, Inc.) 
PO Box 6836 Arlington, Virginia 22206
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