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Happy 25th to INCIID

Challenge: The photo below of twins is just one example of what INCIID's outreach in the form of information and our National IVF Scholarship provides to consumers.
On March 17th, 1995, INCIID received its 501 C 3 and incorporation as a charity. On March 17, 2020, INCIID celebrates 25 years of supporting families. INCIID was the first infertility site on the World Wide Web. In order to continue to help and support our mission to help the more than 6 million affected by infertility and multiple pregnancy loss, INCIID needs an updated web platform.

Recently the technical person who donated so much of his time and gave so much of himself retired with some health issues. INCIID continues to provide help to consumers as an all-volunteer organization. Donations go right back into the maintenance of the charity. We need updated technical support and have volunteers lined up to help us move INCIID's thousands of articles, install updated software to a new platform and design an easier access and accessibility compliant venue. But to do this will need to raise a minimum of $12,000 dollars.

We need 480 people to donate $25 dollars by March 17th so we can enact the Fertility Project. 


Building a new Website with an updated Drupal platform will enable INCIID to reach more people securely and allow more interaction and support to consumers. It will allow us to continue to securely take donations, and launch a regular newsletter to consumers who not only need information but also support. It will allow us to man our immediate chat mechanism and launch a new interactive and support network that is secure and private.

Long-Term Impact

Longterm this project will allow us to expand our base and continue the work we do for consumers. It will allow us to expand funding through professional memberships thus allowing us to provide more scholarships to consumers and ultimately help those who want to build their family through treatment or adoption. The Infertility Project will arm consumers with the information and support they need and that we launched 25 years ago.

Send INCIID a Birthday Present today. We need 480 people to donate $25 dollars each by the end of March. Please donate today

We need 480 people to send INCIID  a $25 Birthday Present  Happy 25th Birthday, INCIID.

INCIID needs a number of crucial updates to our website. Our fundraising goal is $12,000.
INCIID is a charity. We were the FIRST to launch a website dedicated to infertility on March 17, 1995.  INCIID was also the first to provide professionals to interact and answer questions online for consumers. 
We've been supporting the community for 25 years but now we need your help! 

We only need 480 people, consumers, industry professionals, interested parties or family members to send us just $25 dollars by our March 17th birthday.

We have a plan in the works but we need to fund it in order to continue our IVF Scholarship and mission to educate and support the infertility community. 
Read more about The Infertility Project here.
I hope you will consider helping us by donating. Please send us a Happy Birthday note and let us know how you're doing.

For more information call us at 703-379-9178 or email us.


COVID-19 Scholarship Medication Giveaway

Team of scrub nurses tinted blue

Due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis, INCIID is altering the Scholarship With the rapid spread of COVID-19 in recent weeks, there has been a significant impact on all across the healthcare spectrum - patient, provider, and more.
We have a limited number of IVF ovarian stimulation medications from EMD Serono available through application to the scholarship program.

As a leader in patient advocacy, we remain committed to helping patients who have experienced interruptions in their family building journey in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
To help support our healthcare professionals and their patients, INCIID has a limited number of medications (for Ovarian Stimulation)

We are giving to give those away to qualified applicants who make an application to the  INCIID the Heart Scholarship Program.
There are no fundraising requirements for this medication donation in 2020.

Join us for a Webinar to answer your questions: May 21, 2020, 2 PM ET 

What we need from you is our one-page application, 2 recent paystubs, a financial form (assets and liabilities), the most recent (either 2018 or 2019 tax return), and a compelling video or story.  
All documents can be faxed to (703) 379-1593. This number forwards all faxes to a HIPAA compliant secure fax. We are not taking any paper applications at present.

General Criteria: No insurance for IVF, Infertility as defined by ASRM, and Financial need.

You must be in (IVF treatment) by December 1, 2020. The medications go through your clinic
You will still have to sign a release. If someone in your family has lost their job, document this from your previous employer.
We ask that you honor the $55 donation to support INCIID but if this is a hardship please send us an email explaining your situation. INCIID works very hard at finding matches for scholarship recipients. Due to COVID-19  All donations, memberships, and corporate donations are currently at zero. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us. If there is enough interest, please sign up for the Webinar here

In the Future.

EMD Serono has been very generous in their donations to patients, They continue to prioritize patients currently undergoing treatment, or wishing to do so in the future.

EMD Serono has assistance programs and additional information for those who have had their cycle canceled due to COVID-19 and can be found at, EMD Serono is maintaining its focus on ensuring that their medicines, products, and services continue to reach the patients who rely on them. INCIID encourages patients to reach out to EMD Serono for help.


IVF Scholarships from INCIID

"From INCIID the Heart" IVF Scholarship

2019 Scholarships will be reviewed on a rolling basis as they are received each month.

The InterNational Council for Infertility Information Dissemination (INCIID -- pronounced “inside”) has the first and only national program designed to help individuals and couples -- From INCIID the Heart -- It provides an  In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Scholarship to those in need through donations of funds and treatment from professional members, and consumers.    

 "Infertility care is sometimes portrayed as ‘wealthy couples creating designer babies. But nothing could be further from the truth".  The From INCIID the Heart is an important step in helping to eliminate the barrier preventing many couples from having children.

There are at least 6-7 million infertile couples in the U.S., and of those, approximately two million are unable to conceive without IVF treatment.  The majority have no insurance coverage for IVF and its associated medications, which can range in cost between $18,000 and $25,000 per couple. And  EMD Serono supports the program with donations of ovarian stimulation medications.
INCIID continues to gain support for the scholarship from a number of respected IVF clinics in the U.S. to donate their expertise and state-of-the-art facilities for patients who do not have the financial resources. Thes generous reproductive centers support the INCIID mission to help patients build families where they may not have the opportunity without help. The program will cover most of the basic expenses incurred during an IVF cycle.

Couples with financial and medical need may be eligible for participation in the program. The criteria are simple: No insurance covering IVF, Financial Need and Medical Infertility (as defined by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine - ASRM).  Final committee selections and decisions take cost-of-living in different regions of the country into account, applicants who may have student loan debt and a variety of other situations. Each application is processed based on an individual needs assessment.   INCIID required applicants provide copies of their most recent tax returns (2 years) and pay stubs (2 consecutive and most recent pay cycles), and supply a letter from their doctor recommending IVF as medically necessary. Selected recipients partner with INCIID in agreement to fundraise a small amount. 
Our goal is to give those without insurance coverage for IVF an opportunity to fulfill their dream of becoming parents.

For more information and to apply: READ the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) FIRST. Once you read the FAQ, download the application located at the end of the FAQ.

* All recipient/finalist cycles are subject to a final medical review and determination on whether the donated treatment is appropriate for the recipient. INCIID  may make changes in policies, procedures, offerings, and requirements at any time. The fundraising agreement in no way guarantees a cycle of IVF.

The application process is on-going. If you want to be considered for the program, please read the FAQ first and then send us your application. Applications are reviewed throughout the year. Before you apply: Please get the latest version of Adobe Reader.

INCIID is grateful to EMD Serono. for their support of this program.

Intro - IVF Scholarship Program

"Without INCIID I don't think I would have had the knowledge, courage, insight & support to get through IVF".
- INCIID Member