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Ceres Fertility announces preliminary study results

Fertile One™ Improves Sperm Quality 
in 70%+ of patients



MSan Diego, CA April 15, 2003: Ceres Fertility announced today that Fertile One, a fertility supplement for men, increased overall sperm quality in over 70% of all patients treated. In clinical trials currently underway, fertility experts have observed that men who have supplemented their diet for three months with Fertile One have a major improvement (>50%) of the total normal-motile sperm forms. In addition, fertility scientists conducting the trial are discovering some reduction in the amount of DNA fragmentation following Fertile One supplementation. ”Patients using Fertile One are experiencing an unprecedented positive increase in all categories of the study,” said Bruce Thomsen, President and CEO of Ceres Fertility. “A number of Fertility Clinics have had their patients initiate Fertile One therapy. Patients having initial problems conceiving can greatly benefit from this treatment. The expenses of infertility care can be staggering. Fertile One in an effective low cost treatment that could help the fertility challenged male.”


Fertile One is a scientifically formulated dietary supplement manufactured by Ceres Fertility designed to improve both sperm count and overall sperm quality. Fertile One is a proprietary blend, comprised of amino acid, vitamin, mineral and herbal components. Individuals wishing to optimize their fertility potential should supplement their diet with Fertile One.


“A diet supplemented with Fertile One will typically result in a significant increase in the total number of morphologically-normal motile sperm,” said Dr. William Roudebush, PhD, HCLD, Director of Research at Reproductive Biology Associates (RBA) in Atlanta, Georgia, which is conducting a trial of Fertile One’s efficacy. RBA has also seen a reduction in the amount of DNA fragmentation on the part of patients being studied. DNA fragmentation has been cited in several publications as a cause of infertility.


Founded in 2001, Ceres Fertility, Inc. is a leader in reproductive healthcare, specializing in services, supplies, consulting and new technologies for fertility specialists and their patients. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to aid most areas of the fertility sector.


For further information regarding Ceres Fertility, 
phone: 877-237-3748

For further information regarding the Fertile One™ study, please contact the Principal Investigator:

William E. Roudebush, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor, Physiology
T 864.455.9842
F 864.455.5267


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